How to Register Your Debit/Credit Cards as a Verified VISA/MasterCard

A Credit/Debit Card verified by Visa/MasterCard allow its holder to conduct online transactions safely and securely. If you are having a Debit/Credit card with Visa logo appear on it, you would be able to conduct any online transactions such as buying stuffs, paying bills, booking online tickets etc. Verified by Visa (VBV) is a service offered by Visa, which allow you to conduct transactions online safely and securely with your Debit/Credit card on participating VBV/MSC websites. Transactions would be completed only with your VBV/MSC password. MasterCard is also same services as like verified Visa. If you want to register your Credit/Debit card as a Visa/MasterCard verified, then followings are the procedures, which would help you to do so.


Procedure to Register Debit/Credit Cards as a VISA/MasterCard Verified:

Registration can only be done if you already have a Debit/Credit card. The procedure is very simple for registering your Debit/Credit Card as a Visa/MasterCard verified for the 3D secure services. A number of banks are now offering Net Banking services.

› Simply log on to your respective bank’s official website.

› Followings are some banks, offering these services (Click on the links and register as Verified VISA/MasterCard now):

› Now accept “Terms & Conditions”

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› Enter details of your Credit/Debit Card to confirm your identity.

› Then key in the details about the card.

› That’s it, now submit and wait till verification is completed.

› After verification, if everything is correct, the system will ask you to generate a password, which will be used for transaction.

On successful generation, you can now use your Debit/Credit card for any online transaction. To get more info simply visit your bank’s website. You can also visit your branch to register your Credit/Debit Card as a Verified VISA/MasterCard.

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