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How to Deal With The 10 Most Asked Questions in An Interview

The need of a job is increasing with the increase of population. Most of the people have to crossover an Interview and if they get it all done then they are offered for the Job. But the ‘BUT’ arises here. Most of the people seeking for a job get a thought type in their mind that ‘Oh Why this Interview’? Can anyone offer me a job without any testings! But it’s not possible and you have to go through an interview to climb up the ladder of a job. I hope many of you have slipped upon an interview question some or the other time due to the lack of preparation and some gets blank minded even. Isn’t it? With the sense of that uncomfortable silence, you must have uttered whatsoever word comes to your mind and up to a great extent by trying your level best you made sentences out of them. The interview gets over and later on when you get to know about what you had said, you truly realize that the speak out of yours don’t make any reasonable sense and you get embarrassed of yourself.

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Career in Nanotechnology and its Adverse Effects in the Employment Industry

Nanotechnology, a rapid growing global trend has left indelible mark in all the areas of science and technology. Nanotechnology, an application of engineering, science and technology for building up new devices and materials in nano-range is related to the analysis and formation of the minute objects and evaluation between one to hundred nanometers.


Nanotechnology – the science of miniature and the upcoming future technology – is one of the most deliberate areas of research which is perhaps going to excel even the most advanced information technology of the 21st century. This is an exceptional and individual branch of science that specially combines physics, chemistry, biology and engineering etc. Sometimes identified as molecular mechanism, it transacts with the blueprint and invention of extremely tiny circuits and mechanical devices built at the molecular level of matter. It is expected that the application of nanotechnology will unlock new possibilities of research almost in every field starting from medicine to fabrics. This is why; the technology is on its eve of progress as the favorite of all kinds of technological backdrop and is supposed to be the most challenging technology in the future.

Though relatively new in India, but the field is most popular in abroad. Still, the Indian industries have started up using this technology. In India, the prime target of Nanotechnology is the fields like electronics, industrial products and healthcare markets. Future prospects of Nanotechnology are tremendous and it is one of the greatest career options for the engineering students in India.

Eligibility Criteria

To pursue your career in the field of Nanotechnology, you need to have at least a post graduate degree i.e. an M. Tech or M. Sc degree in Nanotechnology.

Because it’s a new trend in India, hence no reputed institute is offering courses in Nanotechnology at graduation level. So anyone interested for the field, need to have a master’s degree and for doing post graduation in Nanotechnology, the eligibility condition is a bachelor’s degree in science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) with 50% marks. M. Tech in Nanotechnology is of great benefit as students from different streams unite and get an opportunity here to interact with each other and intensify their knowledge. Students aspiring for higher studies in nanotechnology can go for M. Tech in Nanotechnology, having completed their B. Tech degree in any of the disciplines form Material Science, Mechanical, Biomedical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Electronics and Computer Science. Also students with an M. Sc degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Material Science, Electronics and Computer Science may apply for the M. Tech course. There is also avail the facility of 5 years integrated course in Nanotechnology. Candidates for this course are selected through entrance exam all over the country.


Employment Outlook

Scope for the candidates coming to this industry is incredible. Because this filed has adverse effects on the day to day life style of people, hence opportunities are vast here. Most vacancies are found in the sectors like Information Technology, Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Energy Chemicals, Magnetics and Optoelectronic, textiles and advanced materials. Also professionals in this technology can have work opportunities in nano-medicine, stem cell development, bio-informatics, nano toxicology and the nano power generating fields. Some of the other fields creating vacancies for these professionals include:

  • Health Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Environment Industry
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  • Food and Beverages
  • Space Research
  • Product development and advising
  • Academic and Teaching
  • R & D in government, universities and private research institutes
  • Genetics
  • Bio-Technology
  • Communication & Media
  • Forensic science & many other new industries engendered due to nanotechnology

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Apart from getting jobs in India, candidates with an M. Tech degree in Nanotechnology can easily get jobs in abroad also as there is a huge demand for the profession there. The candidates with a Ph. D degree in Nanotechnology can have exciting opportunities in the Research and Development sector.


Certainly, keeping eye on the demand of the profession, it’s no wonder to opine that salary is not a constraint for the right candidates. For a qualified and deserving candidate in the industry, sky is the limit to earn. Because this is a blooming sector, there is no limit in the pay scale for the young Nano technologists. Still, as per the current market estimation, a professional with an M. Tech degree may expect Rs 20,000 to 30,000 per month in the government sector. This may differ a lot in the private sector depending upon the industry. Also this field is adorned with assorted scope for lucrative perks and benefits. An experienced, qualified and deserving candidate may earn approximate a pay package of Rs 6 lacs to 12 lacs per annum.


Institutes Offering the Course

Though the course is not at its full reach in India, still there are many reputed organizations in India that are offering courses in Nanotechnology. They are:

  • Amity Institute of Nanotechnology (AINT), Noida
  • Centre for Nanotechnology & Advanced Biomaterials (CeNTAB), Sastra University, Thanjavur
  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi
  • National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra
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  • National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela
  • University of Madras, Chennai

Nanotechnology Research Centers

The following are the Nanotechnology information (Research) Centers, from where you can get any kind of relevant information.

Nano Mission, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110016
Phone : 011-26963695
E mail : Contact Now
Website :

National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
EPABX Lines: 91-11-25742610, 91-11-25742611, 91-11-25742612
Fax: 91-11-25726938, 91-11-25726952
E-mail: Contact I, Contact II

National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune – 411008
Phone: 020-2590 2013
Fax: 020-2590 2636
E mail: Contact Now

Central Scientific Instruments Organization, Chandigarh
Sector 30-C, Chandigarh- 160030
Phone: 0172-2651722, 2651728, 2651745, 2651746, 2657811
Fax: 0172-2657267
E mail: Contact Now


Career in Optometry and the Role of Optometrists in Health Care Industry

Optometry, previously known as Ophthalmic Optics is a science that deals with the structure, function and work of the human eye. The Optometrists are primary health care specialists who do examine, diagnose and treat problems related to visual and optical symptoms and refractive errors of the eye. They suggest lenses or other ocular aids to rectify these problems. Sometimes, a detailed analysis of the eye may expose other typical problems in the human body like high blood pressure and diabetes. The Optometrists may advice for different visual treatments after determining the problems in the eye and in some cases use of corrective lenses become the final mode of treatment.


Eligibility Criteria

Students aspiring to make career as optometrists must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Optometry (Bachelor of Clinical Optometry) (B. Optom). To get an entry in the B. Optm course, they have to first complete their 10+2 course or its equivalent with minimum 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English from any recognized board or council. Candidates having completed this required qualification have to appear an entrance exam called the EYECET examination, to get selected for pursuing the B. Optm course.

B.Optm course is of four years duration and the first three years teaching cover the subjects like physical optics, knowledge of optical gadgets, general anatomy, physiology, abnormal and pathological conditions of the eye and the methods to measure the refractive errors and their rectification. Also courses in pharmacology, optics, vision science, biochemistry and systematic disease are added in this course structure. Practical training in Basic Science, Dispensing Optics and Clinical subjects is another significant part of the curriculum. The last year of study is of one year internship for clinical and trade experience, during which period, the candidates are posted in different hospitals and eye clinics of specialists to gain work experience.


Employment Outlook

After successful completion of the course in Optometry, the Optometrists are blessed with many opportunities. They can start their career as professionals in government and private sector hospitals and medicals. Also they can work in optical showrooms, with specialized eye doctors, contact lens and ophthalmic lens industries or any nationalized or international organization dealing with eye care products. Some Optometrists like to set up their own clinics and some other make their career as faculties, teaching students in medical colleges and organizations. Also they have the opportunity to pursue higher courses in the related field and work as research personnel in the Optometry field. They may decide to work as health specialists in the vision care of industrial workers.

Working Condition  

Optometrists are professionals who work in well furnished and well equipped cabins. Because most of their times they spend treating the patients, they may take stress at times. Those working with govt. or private hospitals as doctors or faculties have fixed hours of work time. Approximately they work 42 hours a week. Those having their private clinics decide their work schedule themselves. The professionals running their self clinics generally enjoy better freedom in their work in comparison to the service holders in this field.


A statistical enumeration approves the fact that Optometry is one of the top ten earnings professions in India. Of course the salary of the Optometrists is affected by factors like their work experience, education, work hours, practice location and services provided by them. Still, an Optometrist in India can get a starting pay scale of Rs 8,000 per month in a government organization. They may get much higher salaries in private organizations. Those who run their self business, earn huge in comparison to the service holders. Besides, they may be provided with other facilities apart from fixed salary, but that depends upon the organization they work for.

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Career as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC), Work Responsibilities and Pay Scale

Air Traffic Controllers are experts who direct the movements of commercial and private aircraft through radar and visual observation. They safeguard the planes and passengers from upcoming hazards and minimize delays on plane timing. They remain more alert on their work even in comparison to the traffic directors and keep pilots informed on weather conditions and runway status at the time of arrival or departure of planes. The AAI (Airport Authority of India) is the sole employer of all Air Traffic Controllers. They do always work in semi-darkness with their equipments that they use as their guides. They often have to work on rotating shifts (day and night shifts) and most of the time the work seems stressful.


Eligibility Criteria

To make career as an ATC, you need to have at least a master’s degree  in Science or its equivalent with Wireless Communication, Electronics, Radio Physics or Radio Engg.  as a special subject or equivalent degree with 1 prednisone no prescription overnight delivery, buy prednisone next day cod, buy cod online prednisone , prednisone free fedex shipping. cheap fedex  st class (60%). Also candidates with Engineering Degree in Electronics, Tele Communication or Electrical with specialization in Electronics with a 1st class (60%) degree are applicable to apply for the post. The minimum age limit to start career in the field is 21 years.

A candidate with the requisite qualification may appear for the selection exam conducted by the AAI (Airport Authority of India). Selection is made on the basis of four stages i.e

  • Written Test
  1. 50% questions from the prescribed educational qualification
  2. 50% on General Knowledge, General Intelligence, General Aptitude, English etc.
  • Voice Test
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  • Personal Interview
  • Medical Fitness as per ICAO Annex – 1

After a candidate gets selected he is sent to the Civil Aviation Training Colleges at Allahabad, AP  for further training. There the candidates are given a one year long training on the following modules:

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Aerodromes and Ground Aids
  • Air Legislation
  • Meteorology
  • Communication Procedures
  • Technical
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  • Search and Rescue
  • Air Navigation

The whole amount of the training session is managed by the AAI (Airport Authority of India). During training period, if any candidate becomes unable to secure 70% passing marks in two attempts in any of the said modules, then he/she gets disqualified. After successful completion of the training period, the candidates are posted as Junior Executives (ATC).


Employment Outlook

Employment Outlook is good for the ATCs. They may work in private airports or under the AAI. Where ever they may work, but they have to get selected by the AAI as it is the sole employer of ATCs in whole India. But employment opportunity is vast as there are many reputed and private sector airlines in India apart from the Air India.


During training, the candidates get a stipend of Rs 7,500 per month with facilities like free lodging and boarding. After the completion of training, they get a pay scale of Rs 16,400-40,500 per month. Except, a JE (ATC) is provided with various other allowances depending on the performance of the ATC skills one acquires (Rating Allowances) and the city where he is posted. With good performance and work experience, an ATC can get promoted to the following  different positions. The different positions are:

  • Junior Executive
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Joint General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Executive Director (ATM)
  • Member (ATM) in AAI Board

 Undoubtedly, this is one of the most prolific career options in India. But it needs high course work, determination, dedication and intelligence to come into the position. But once you come here you will be on the way of prosperity and sophisticacy. So any of the talented Indian youth must look forward to make a career in the industry.


Career as a Payroll Clerk, Career Synopsis and Employment Outlook

Payroll Clerks play a significant role in a company profile as they keep records of the payments made to each  employee in a company. They do track these records in a computer and this recording of payments in known as posting. The calculation is made on the information collected from the worksheets. This is the responsibility of the pay roll clerks to collect information from the worksheets and calculate the salary of the employees of a company and keep these records saved for future needs.

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Payroll clerks remain responsible for scheming deductions such as income tax withholding, Social security payments, insurance and union dues made from the employees’ salary. They may also prepare and distribute pay checks to employees or may transfer the amounts from the company accounts to the employees’ salary accounts using the electronic money transfer method. The role of payroll clerks differ as per the size of the companies. In small companies a payroll clerk takes whole care of these responsibilities while in big companies responsibilities are distributed. In big companies separate payroll clerks may get appointed with the designation of bonus or commission clerks who look after the employees’ bonus related payments only. Accordingly other payroll clerks may get appointed for additional payroll related tasks.

Eligibility Criteria

To start career as a payroll clerk in India, you need to have at least a bachelors degree in commerce, basically with specialization in accounting. Those having a master’s degree in accountancy are given much more priority by the employers. The candidates with a bachelor’s degree and some years of work experience as a payroll clerk may be given preference by the employers. Also the candidates with specialization in mathematics, statistics or economics are preferred by some companies. Some candidates with a degree from the business school may also be hired by companies. Some companies offer on-the-job training to candidates to make them aware about the payroll activities.

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Employment Outlook

With the growth of economy, the financial background of the country has strengthened enough and accordingly the financial transactions have increased a lot. Brand new companies have entered the market with steep competition and accordingly there is a simultaneous growth in the demand of these payroll clerks. In a country like India, they are needed in every single sector, starting from the grassroots level to upper levels. So it’s a prospective career option and more and more vacancies in the sector are expected in the coming days.

The payroll clerks initially take care of the accounts of the company and the employees along with other routine clerical activities. As soon they gain experience, they are burdened with more responsibilities and also get a rapid increment in their salary. Constancy and dedication in work may give them the opportunity to get promoted to senior positions like senior accountants. The candidates who get appointed in the government agencies usually enjoy much benefits in the profession. But for that they have to appear the civil service tests and get selected in that.

Working Condition

Payroll clerks always have to work in offices sitting at a desk as their work is fully associated with documents and computer. Official atmosphere may differ as per the size of the company, but responsibility remains the same. They do have fixed official hours of routine work. A payroll clerk usually works 40 to 48 hours a week.


The salary of a payroll clerk differs as per the size of the organization. Generally, they are hired with better pay scales in big companies. But their salary is also affected by the factors like their educational qualification, work experience and work expertise. In India, generally a payroll clerk starts his career with a pay scale of Rs 8,000 to 10,000 per month and as much they gain experience, so much their salary increases. A payroll clerk with 5 to 10 years of work experience can earn more than Rs 30,000 per month. Those working in government sector they may get a better pay scale. Some companies also give extra benefits like bonus and performance based incentives to its employees.


Career as an Education Administrator: Scope, Future and Remuneration

The success or failure of an educational institution purely depends upon the role of the administrator in the organization. As much competent is the administrator, so much is the rate of success in the organization. They are the authorities who manage the everyday activities in the educational organizations with their instructions and take significant decisions for the organization at time needs.

The educational administrator is considered as the face of an educational institution and hence, they do play a vital role in the routine activities of the institution. Their role is many. They do set educational principles and goals and determine the policies and procedures for achieving these targets. Also they supervise the entire management team of the organization along with the support staff, teachers, counselors, librarians, coaches and other employees.


They develop educational programs for students, spot out students’ academic progress, train and inspire teachers and other staff, manage career counseling and other services related to students, check out records, prepare budgets and administer many other activities. They do remain in constant touch with the guardians regarding the progress of the students, communicate with the students regarding their problems and maintain a relationship with the employers and the community. In a small educational organization, an administrator has to take care of all these responsibilities while in larger organizations like universities, there are many administrators each given a separate responsibility to perform.

Because the role of a administrator is to manage the all over activities of an educational organization, so it’s hard to describe how much work responsibilities they take care of on a particular working day. Also responsibilities differ as per the size and reputation of an organization. But, after all they themselves govern all those errands that come their way and ensure the all round development of the organization.

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Generally it so happens that most education administrators begin their career as teachers or lecturers and gradually get promoted to office administration as per their work experience and caliber. But some candidates directly move to the position of administrators or assistant administrators. In both cases candidates need to have at least a master’s or doctorate degree. Candidates with a few years of teaching experience are more preferred by organizations. Also a master’s or doctorate degree in education administration proves to be be very fruitful as candidates holding such degrees can easily be a part of the administration. Candidates with good academic record, required qualifications and some years of prior management experience may be given the utmost importance in the industry for the job.

Apart from educational qualification a candidate needs to have the interpersonal qualities like evaluating and supervising students, determination, confidence, innovation and motivation. Ability to take sound decisions and managing of responsibilities properly is essential. He must have excellent communication skill as most of the time he has to interact with others. He must be a good leader and must have strong personality to dominate others. Familiarity with computer technology is also essential as most of the work functions today are handled with computers and supervision of these functions is important.


Employment Outlook

Employment is on its eve for these position as every single day there are lots of educational organizations are getting established in India. Because India is a country filled with intellectuals all round, so utmost priority is given here to education. As a result new educational institutes are getting established to fill the educational demands of the students and guardians and hence there is a sharp rise in the need of educational administrators to run these organizations. Apart, a candidate starting his or carer as an educational administrator has lavish opportunities to grow in his life. These professionals can work both in private and government organizations and with more work experience can get promoted to the post of educational directors or chair person of certain educational institutes. In large organizations like universities, they may get promoted to the post if deans or supreme head (Vice Chancellor) which is a most prestigious and designated position. Generally in this profession, candidates working in government sector get more honor and benefits than those working in private organizations.

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There is nothing to think of the future job prospects for a post like this in India, as there is no comparison of any other industry with the educational industry here and hence opportunity is always immense for this profession.


Because the position of an education administrator is the most designated post in an organization, hence their salary is also best in the industry. An administrator in India gets approximate a pay scale of Rs 30,000 to 60,000 along with all other facilities. Of course, the pay scale differs from government to private organizations, but there is not huge difference. The candidates having more work experience get more salary. Also the size of an organization has a significant effect upon the salary structure of the administrators. Those who work in govt institutes are given the best pay scale in the industry. Also it has recently increased too much as per the reformation in the 6th pay Rivison in India. As per the new amendment in the 6th pay commission, a person with an administrative position may get a pay scale of Rs37,400 to 67,000 per month. The private organizations also pay much, but it depends upon the qualification, work experience, capability and managing quality of an administrator. Excluding fixed salary, most of the organizations in India give the administrators some other facilities like housing, transportation, constant increment and medical facility etc. that is rarely found in other professions.

Finally, we can conclude that the profession of an education administrator is a lavish one as it gives you both name, fame and money that one needs to live a prosperous life. And when it is to consider as a profession in India, it’s undoubtedly awesome.

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Career in Massage therapy: Its Scope and Future Prospects

The practice of getting cured using the touch hand method is the most primitive method of Indian history. It has been a part of our culture and tradition from times unknown. Though this system was somehow affected partially in the past years due to the advancement in medical science, but now again it has proved to be a boom for many with the help of spas and health centers. India has made itself identified due to its rapid growth in the wellness industry and a number of spas and healthcare centers are escalating all over. This has given a rise to the demand of professional massage therapists all over the country.


The use of massage therapy has become vast in India as per the growing demand of people for it. The therapy is used to treat exhaustion, chronic illness and injuries and it supplies a sense of comfort. The therapy can be used upon the human body by hand or with an instrument to aid circulation, stimulate nerves and relax muscles. Massages can be of several types like aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, Ayurvedic massage, reflexology shiatsu, Thai massage and so on.

Eligibility Criteria

The Masseurs (Massage Therapists) need to have information about all the massage therapies. Hence they require a formal training in massage therapy to get sufficient idea about different products used in massage therapy, their composition, oils and the procedures being assumed during treatment. Also they need to have complete knowledge about the pressure points, joints and adjustment of the pressure levels as per the satisfaction of the client. Besides, they must be too good in their manners, must be of good behavior and always have a pleasant appearance. They need to continue good talks and manners during the massage, as the ultimate aim of massage therapy is satisfaction of the client. Because, a client goes for a massage is only to get peace and relaxation, so it’s much more important on the part of the masseurs to be clean and hygienic.


Employment Outlook

Employment is not a matter for the massage therapists as they have ample of job opportunities. With the rapid growth of beauty and fashion in India, there have opened up numerous beauty related organizations and simultaneous increment is found in the demand of these professionals. They can work in beauty salons, spas or massage clinics, holistic health clinics, health clubs and fitness centers, hospitals, with sports teams and other applicable organizations. Also some masseurs like to work as freelancers. These days they are also appointed in shopping malls and airports.

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Apart, this is the only industry that has not been affected by the flow of recession and is constantly growing with an exciting growth rate of 10 percent per annum and hence expects no trace back. Obviously it is in a growing scenario as per the demand of the people and hence there will be huge demand of skilled professionals (massage therapists) in the coming few years.


Most of the people wonder that how much one can earn after making spa therapy as a profession! How much one can expect as a professional in the industry? But it’s no wonder to say that these professionals earn far better than any other qualified professionals. In India, a professional fresh masseur can earn Rs 10,000 to 12,000 easily per month. With some years of work experience and better spa knowledge one can earn more than Rs 30,000 per month in the industry. So, undoubtedly, it’s a prolific career option.

With the strong manipulation of this profession in the present day society, no way it is going to be looked down at any point of time. It is a satisfying profession, as at the end of the day a massage therapist earns lots of blessings and positive energy from the client. So it can fill your life both with money and self-satisfaction.

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Career as a Market Research Analyst: Scope, Future and Remuneration of the Job

Market Research Analysts are professionals who play a vital role in a company profile as they help the company decide what to sell, how to sell, whom to sell and what techniques should be adopted by the company to promote its products and services. They conduct market surveys to determine the inclination of the potential customers because the market needs always increase as per their demand. Then they conduct sessions to train and supervise interviewers who carry out these surveys online, by telephone, through interviewers or with focus groups. Also they do identify and observe competitors and research market conditions or changes in the industry that may affect sales.

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Eligibility Criteria

To start career as a market research analyst, one needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Though it’s the minimum educational criteria, but some of the reputed companies ask for a master’s degree in the specified area. Candidates with specialization in business, mathematics, statistics, marketing and survey design are always given preference. Some years prior work experience in the relevant sector can be fruitful for more prospective job offers.

Except educational qualification, some other qualities are also essential for the post of market research analyst. The candidates coming into the field must have strong analytical skills along with a good command over the present market condition. Also they must be excellent in both oral and written communication. In some cases a certification may be needed from a recognized institute, though its not essential in India.

Employment Outlook

Market Research Analysts with a bachelor’s degree may face steep competition to get a job. Reason can be many, basically the presence of more technical people like the master or doctoral degree holders in the market. Also many companies search for candidates with a master’s or doctorate degree and with exceptional analytical skills that include areas of mathematics, survey design, statistics and computer sciences. Candidates with an undergraduate degree and special training courses in the relevant filed  or with some years work experience in the areas of consumer behavior and social sciences like psychology, sociology and economics, may get selected for the job positions like Public Opinion Researchers.

Market Research and Analysis

Candidates with a master’s or doctorate degree in marketing along with strong analytical skill can have greatest opportunities to find themselves on the top of the ladder. Also these candidates can make their career as faculty positions in reputed colleges and universities. Organizations that develop computer system designs, software publishers, financial services organizations, advertising farms, healthcare organizations and insurance sectors are supposed to be the most prospective job providers in this field.

After gaining the required work experience supporting others, a Market Research Analyst gets assigned to his or her own projects. Advancement in the field demands knowledge of the newest methods of developing, conducting and analyzing surveys and other data. So the Market Research Analysts must have abrupt knowledge about this.

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The market research analysts earn well as they are an integral part of a company’s business profile. Their earning is affected by some of the factors like their qualification, work experience, work location and the organization they work with. In India an average pay scale of a beginner as a market research analyst is near about Rs 15,000 per month. This salary can get increment up to Rs 60,000 per month as per their revered position and work experience. Apart from fixed salary, they may be provided with travel allowances, daily allowances, performance based bonus and other lucrative benefits as per the pay rule of their company.

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Career as an Anesthesiologist: Job Prospects and Salary Information

The Physicians who focus on surgical patients and use anesthetics to prevent their pain and feelings during an operation are called Anesthesiologists. They keenly observe the patient’s situation during surgery and adjust anesthetics accordingly. They do take care of the patients for their first recovery after an operation and suggest medicines consequently after observing their condition. Apart from helping the patients during surgery, the Anesthesiologists also help patients to recover from constant pain. Often it so happens that most of the anesthetics used in health care are used with the suggestion of Anesthesiologists. The Anesthesiologists may specialize in specific types of problems like respiratory or neurological infirmities.

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An Anesthesiologist first comes in contact with a surgical patient usually before the operation. At that time, he takes an overall observation on the patient’s medical records and medicines, discusses the approaching surgery and evaluates the options for anesthesia and pain – killers. Also the Anesthesiologist goes through the different medical reports prepared before the operation on the preexisting medical conditions like diabetes or heart disease and plans how to manage any such existing condition during surgery.

During the operation, the Anesthesiologists play a significant role. At the first stage of operation, they do apply anesthesia to make the patients out of sense, so that they would not feel any pain. In the middle stage, when the real operation takes place, they do monitor the patients’ vital signs like heart rate, its rhythm, blood pressure, breathing, brain and kidney functions with the use of refined electronics equipments and adjust the patient’s anesthesia as per the patient’s need.

After the end of the surgery also the Anesthesiologists’ responsibility do not come to an end. They have to observe the patient till he gains his sense back and direct medicines to reverse the effects of the anesthetic used at the time of operation. After operation the patient is transferred to the recovery room and there the Anesthesiologists observe the patient for his or her proper recovery with the help of nurses and other trained staff. Finally, the Anesthesiologists decide when the patient is fit enough to leave the recovery room.

Eligibility Criteria

As anesthesiology is a complex study pattern and the Anesthesiologist are highly educated professionals, hence they need special training in addition to their basic medical education. The first step to start career as an Anesthesiologist is to complete your 10+2 class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) as the main combination with at least 60% marks. After he may apply in any of the Medical colleges in India to pursue MBBS degree as it is the basic qualification to become a medical professional in India. To get admission into MBBS degree, you have to face an entrance exam conducted by the college board. Selection is made on the basis of marks acquired in +2 and the entrance examination.

The next step to become an Anesthesiologist is to take an intensive three year residency program on the technology  and medical aspects of anesthesiology and undertake additional training in the field. Except, an Anesthesiologist also must gain knowledge about cardiology, critical care medicine, internal medicine, pharmacology and surgery.


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Employment Outlook

After the successful completion of the required courses, an Anesthesiologist is a fully fit professional to start work and hence there comes ample opportunities on his or her way. As a career option. It is very costly. An estimated cost of approximate RS 20 lakhs is need to cover up a course in this field in Indian institutes. So a job becomes extremely important for a person coming into the filed. By the way, most of the Anesthesiologists start their career in government and private hospitals as junior Anesthesiologists and gradually proceed through experience working under the direct supervision of an experienced Anesthesiologist. Some professionals like to make their career as faculties after teaching in the medical colleges and other institutes. Some set up their own clinics and prosper in their career. The paid Anesthesiologists, with some years of work experience may get promoted to the position of a senior or chief Anesthesiologist in a Medical. Because this is one of the most chosen profession in the medical field, hence the demand of the Anesthesiologists are rapidly growing and it is expected that there will be huge vacancies for the position in the coming years.

Working Condition

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Anesthesiologists spent most of their time in hospitals, offering inpatient and outpatient surgery. They have to divide their time in many parcels keeping their work responsibility on observation. They do not have any fixed wok hour and hence the work can be stressful and may demand long hours. They have to always remain ready for emergency as they may get a call anytime during all hours of day and night.


As per the present scenario, there is a lot of scope for the Anesthesiologists. Accordingly they are also paid. In India, an Anesthesiologist may start his career with a minimum pay scale of Rs 15,000 to 25,000 per month depending upon the medical organization they work for. Generally they are high paid in corporate hospitals in comparison to the private or government hospitals. Some years of dedicated work and experience with a master’s degree can give the Anesthesiologists an opportunity to get a payment of nearly Rs 1,00000 per month. Those who are specialists in the sector may work as visiting Anesthesiologists in and may charge on hourly basis.

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Career as an Urban Planner, Scope, Future and Remuneration Structure

An urban planner is a person whose prime duty is to help a community decide how to make the best use of its land and resources with the prospects of future growth and renaissance. He is also known as a regional planner or sometimes identified as a city planner. Generally, the urban planners belong to the local government and work as per the instruction of the government authorities. They help the local officials to solve the social, economic and environmental problems after recommending them the proper locations for roads, schools and other infrastructures.


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The work responsibility of an urban planner include:

  • Designing, supporting and managing the government plans and policies affecting land use, zoning, public utilities, community facilities, housing and transportation.
  • Arranging public meetings and dealing with government, social scientists, lawyers, developers, the public and special interest groups to prepare and develop land using or community plans.
  • Suggesting sanction, rejection or provisional approval of proposals.
  • Specifying the effects of authoritarian restrictions on projects.
  • Evaluating the probability of proposals and suggesting necessary changes.

Eligibility Criteria

To start career as an urban planner, one needs to have completed his master’s degree in urban planning or regional planning from a recognized board or university. Also a master’s degree in the related subjects like urban designing and geography may be accepted for the post. To pursue a master’s degree in urban planning, one should at first complete his or her bachelor’s degree in economics, geography, political science or environmental science. A doctor’s degree in the relevant subject can give a job seeker better prospects.

Except educational qualification, one must have strong communication and analytical skill. In some cases certification is required from the appropriate authorities.


Employment Outlook

Generally, the urban planners work with the local governments. But there are also some private organizations that deal in the same nature of work. So anyone can also start his or her career in these organizations as urban planners or may apply to work under the govt. With experience, a urban or regional planner may get the opportunity to work on independent projects with their own judgement. With better work expertise, an urban planner may get promoted to the position of community planning director and there they have to work with more responsibilities with the supporting staff. Also some experienced urban planners are promoted to larger authoritative positions.


The urban planners earn huge because of the nature of their profession. They are the people who earn maximum in comparison to any other professionals. In India, an urban planner may get a starting pay scale of estimated Rs 180,000 per year. This is obviously a good pay scale initially in comparison to any other profession. These professionals with some years of experience and more work expertise may get an earning of more than Rs 1,500,000 per annam. The more they gain experience, earn more with better designations. The urban planners have much demand in the distant countries. They are the professionals who are demanded world wide.

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