Four Two Ka One Movie Trailer [Video]

“Four Two Ka One” is the upcoming bollywood comedy movie that is going to release on December 14th. Anwar Khan is the writer and director of this movie. If you like to watch comedy movie, then “Four Two Ka One” is for you. This movie will feature Jimmy Shergill, Rajpal Yadav, Nikita Anand, Sushant Singh, Murli Sharma, Kurush Deboo, Shrikant Maski, Mushtaq Khan and Dinesh Hingoo. Sunil Shah is the producer of “Four Two Ka One”. Avishek Majumder and JD Singh are the music directors of this movie.

Four Two Ka One Movie

You have to wait until December 14th to watch “Four Two Ka One” in your nearest theater. In this movie, the character name of Jimmy Shergill will be Vijay, character name of Rajpal Yadav will be Raja, character name of Nikita Anand will be Pooja, character name of Sushant Singh will be ACP, character name of Murli Sharma will be Chawla, character name of Kurush Deboo will be Mallu, character name of Shrikant Maski will be Kallu and the character name of Dinesh Hingoo will be Marwari Seth. You can watch Four Two Ka One trailer video embedded below.

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