How to pay LIC Premium Online

LIC is one most trusted life insurance companies in India. For customer ease, the company has spread its branches all over India. You can pay your LIC premium from your nearest branch. For more convenience, LIC Life Insurance Corporation Of India, has adopted the online payment gateway. It’s a special service that you can avail for paying og renewal premium due,  insurance premium through internet banking, lic premium through credit card, and lic premium in advance.

LIC payment online

Procedure to Pay LIC Premium Online

1) Navigate to

2) If you don’t have an account, then create a new user account by clicking on “New User? Click Here” link.

3) After creating the account, you can login to the portal with the new created username.

4) Once logged in, add your policy number to retrieve the policy details.

5) There’s an “Enroll Polices” link on the left side menu. Click on it and add your policy number and the premium amount.


6) If you enroll a policy, then you’ll find all the details related to that policy.


7) Now click on the “Pay Premium Online” link and a list of policies you have enrolled in your account will appear.

8) Just select the policies which you want to enroll and hit the submit button.

9) You’ll be navigated to the Payment Gateway site where you can make the payment.

10) Once done you’ll be redirected to the previous page. You can view the premium receipt anytime and keep it safely.

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