Online Event Planning App Development

An online event management software facilitates easy supervision of end-to-end event planning & execution efficiently. It includes registration to e-ticketing, sponsorship to live activity feed, attendee tracking, and more. The transform your events into experiences that allow the target audience to interact with your customers and ensure maximum conversion digitally.

Online Event

Events and conferences have not been spared by the recent coronavirus outbreak, like several other industries.

And, given the current situation, it is evident that hosting physical events is unlikely for the next few quarters. Also, even in the longer term, the aspect of  “digital everything” seems to be the way forward.

However, enterprises and event organizers are certain about the fact that virtual event platforms will help them with broader access to connect with; target audience, sponsors to advertise, and event planners to drive revenue, all without any geographical constraints. With the right tools and a meticulously devised plan, they can execute every tactic effectively.

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How An Event Planning App Keeps You Plugged In With The Rest Of The World

As we navigate the uncertainty ahead of us, it’s time to turn to alternative ways to learn, adapt, and collaborate to drive success for your business ultimately. An event management software does precisely that. It empowers you to manage the entire event from start to finish through an automated process.

As a solution partner to event organizers, our comprehensive online event app helps streamlines the entire event-planning lifecycle.

It comprises of:

  1. Swift registration & check-in process
  2. Quick content moderation features according to attendee type
  3. Tools for gamification, live polls, and more to engage the audience
  4. Advanced event & ROI analytics with recommendations for better sponsor reach

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With the recent shift in business operations due to the pandemic, the rules are re-written, where organizers can transform their physical events to go digital and drive leads effectively using virtual event apps.

We help in effectively managing outstanding virtual events, such as:

  • Live concerts,
  • Multi-session conferences,
  • Educational/Networking events