Optimization Suggestions For New Users On The App

Users install a lot of apps on their smartphones, but most apps may only be opened a few times after installation. According to the survey, 80% to 90% of the installed apps will be deleted immediately after the first use.
App developers put a lot of effort into the development of an app, and the marketing department also spends a lot of money to promote it. It is difficult to attract users to download it, and sometimes, the result is for it to be uninstalled after the first use. This result is obviously horrible.
Getting users to download the app is only the first step, and the more important thing that comes with it is how to keep the user. After the user completes the installation, what happens when they open the app becomes critical. It is at this moment that the user will establish a first impression, which is the key to user conversion and retention.
There is no silver bullet or a secret recipe for the establishment of the first impression. Optimizing the App through A/B testing is the primary tool. Let’s share some optimization suggestions in this regard.
1. Focus on the important things
New users may need something like a help guide, but be careful not to give too much information. The first interface should start with an introduction to the core value of the product, and a short and connotative description lets the user understand the essence of the product. The user can then be directed to the basic registration process or initialization process. It is important to note that you must provide the user with an option to skip. The entire process must not include too much content. Conciseness and orderliness are the best.
2. Show process and not just text description
When guiding new users to start using an app, too much text will only make the user bored and thus increase the possibility of closing the app. You can’t just give a piece of text for the user to understand, but should design an action-oriented help that the user can follow step by step. For example, the highlight button is accompanied by a short description on the side of the button. This interactive help allows the user to learn the necessary operations without hindrance and to seamlessly enter the world of the product, making it easier to become a returning user.
3. Remove the obstacles to the registration process
The registration process is a very tricky part. In the process, we can lose a large number of users and lose an average of 56% of new users. But for an app, registration is an indispensable part. Therefore, how to optimize the user registration process is particularly important. Different registration processes can make huge differences; some have good results, while others have poor results. In general, your goal is to collect user information as quickly as possible so that they can move on before they get bored.
There are many elements in the registration process that can be used to design experiments such as social network login or email login. We can also consider the timing of registration: either register directly from the beginning or while browsing some content.
4. More humane
Don’t come up with some inexplicable marketing arguments. We need to communicate with users with a more humane tone. Let them feel that we are friends, people who they can trust, and not some robots that only sell things. Trying to use the first person’s tone will be more intimate.
5. Put advanced stages later
Don’t try to put everything in the first place. The correct way to do this is to start with the basics. You should show the basic features of the app to the users first before moving to the more advanced features and always help them along the way. It is the right thing to continually reinforce the user’s perception and encourage them to study the App step by step.
6. Learn about the user’s thoughts
In addition to the above, we must learn to listen to and understand users. There are many ways we can understand user behavior; statistics, testing, feedback, and more. App development companies can use these statistics to find a solution to some of the perceived difficulties that the users are experiencing while using the app.
Having a mobile app for your business is a desire that is difficult to resist for many business owners. However, there are many factors to put into consideration because owing an app isn’t just enough. You need an app to educate users and strengthen your value. As a result, you have to provide a good user experience and get a better retention rate. The solution to finding the best solution is the A/B test, which uses objective scientific data to help you make the best decisions. You will be surprised by the results, and a little insignificant change can have a huge impact.