Reasons Why You Need Your Website Redesign Today!

Website Redesign Having an online presence is extremely important these days but unfortunately, not all websites are created equal. Having a great looking website is very important but you also need to have all the important ingredients so that it is an effective medium to increase online sales and generate online leads. It is very important to consider your Website Redesign.

Website Redesign

Your website really is the face of you and your business – it’s often the first thing people see. So you want to make a great first impression right?

A redesign might not necessarily mean a massive overhaul, it could just be a few tweaks here and there to maximize your websites potential!

There Are Many Reasons Why You Would Need Your Website Redesign:

It’s Not Mobile Friendly / Compatible (Responsive Webdesign)

This is one of the major problems most people have with their websites today. With technology changing all the time, the way people view websites has changed. Having a site that looks and operates well only on a desktop computer isn’t good enough for the web anymore.

The rapid rise of the smartphone has meant most people are now viewing websites using an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Mobile is especially crucial to local service-based industries, like Mechanic services, for example. Someone in need of emergency roadside service is almost certainly going to search for a local business using their mobile device.

Depending on how old your website is, it might just not be mobile compatible or mobile-friendly. With users going on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and other social media applications on their phones these days, they are more likely to check out your website on their smartphones as well – The fact is if you aren’t optimized for mobile you’re ultimately losing sales. Research shows that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30 percent will abandon a purchase transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

You’re Not Getting The Results You Want

Have you had a website created and had no response from it? Perhaps you’re skeptical about whether having a website is worth it and are disillusioned about having one in the first place. But a correctly designed website is always a useful marketing tool and it’s important to have a website that generates customers.

White Gold Technologies can arrange a completely free evaluation of your website and suggest ways to ensure your site reaches the customers you deserve.

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Your Website Is Old Fashioned and Outdated

If your website is old then it might just look outdated and stale. A redesign can renew interest in your business and generate a buzz about your services and products. New website design can be relaunched and promoted on social media and give people a reason to visit your website.

Unfortunately, roughly 75% of people will (rightly or wrongly) judge the credibility of a business based solely on the design of your website. And of course, you want to look credible at the very least!

If your website looks old or outdated, then your potential customers and clients are just a couple of clicks away from seeing a competitor’s website which looks more professional and going with them instead of you.

You’re Not Incorporating Social Media To Help Market Your Business

If your website isn’t incorporating social media in some form then you’re behind the times (and most likely behind your competitors). Social media provides you with the opportunity to grow relationships with your target audience. Your fans, followers, and connections are people who know your organization, have likely done business with you in the past, and will be most likely to tell their friends about your business. Your website redesign will make it easier for people to connect with you socially and more importantly spread the word about your businesses and services via social networks.

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You Want Greater Control Over Your Website

Do you have a website which just ‘sits there’? Do you have the ability to update your website whenever you want?

Then maybe you need a Content Management System.

A Content Management System, or CMS, allows you to update your website with your latest offers, add and edit content, plus much more, whenever you want. Keeping customers and website visitors engaged is one of the most important things and regularly updating your website allows you to do this.

With a Content Management System, you can also keep track of which pages on your site are performing better than others, keep track of which products and services people are more interested in and see how your website is performing online.

The things you can do with a CMS are almost endless and more importantly, it puts you in complete control and can help you build your business and grow depending on the trends of your customers.