Why is Magento Better than Shopify and Woocommerce?

With such a humongous surge in online shoppers, it is evident that people are preferring to buy stuff online rather than going to a brick & mortar store. E-commerce stores have completely bloomed. Many leading e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Woo-commerce are leaving no stone unturned to help businesses expand their market share and create an incredible experience for their users.


One question has always remained unanswered: “What are the best eCommerce platforms, and what are the best Magento eCommerce development company of 2020? To know this answer, the only way is to do an in-depth analysis of every prominent function be it security, performance, customer reviews and other crucial parts like quality sale services and security services.


What are the needs of e-commerce platforms like Magento?

Technology has made a tremendous impact on all the essential aspects of human life in today’s world, be it education, way of working or routine life. Nowadays, everyone knows that they do not have time to go shopping physically; instead, everyone started to attract towards online shopping or the e-commerce market like Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce.

Most of these e-commerce sites, especially Magento eCommerce Development Company, provide a platform for their clients to sell and promote their products to anyone and anywhere. These sites help their clients to play some marketing strategies by increasing participation and promotion on these global websites for the competitive advantage over competing firms. Nowadays, E-commerce websites have become one of the most popular methods of making money by creating stores for selling a wide variety of products.

Based on different criteria, we will compare these eCommerce giants, and also give suggestions on which platform you should use in what situation.


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that provides the user with extensive features. Magento is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms that offer unlimited features for tech-savvy store owners.

Magento comes in with a professional look and categories that are well structured. It provides top-notch eCommerce apps and plenty of options that help you create your perfect e-store. Everything from promotions to private sales and consumer segmentation everything is included in it.

Magento can be considered the most powerful e-commerce platform which gives online stores flexibility. Magento can be proven to be one of the finest options for those who want to start an eCommerce business since it comes with a wide variety of flexibility. It also comes with versatility in Premium Edition Unlimited Extension. Magento is a corporate-level e-commerce platform tailored to professionals in web development and medium- to large online stores.

  • It offers one of the field’s most sturdy feature sets, making it ideal for high-aspiration stores.
  • Around 2,50,000 sites use Magento.
  • Comes with several multiple options
  • Provide you with the possibility of a great domain name
  • Wide variety of products available
  • Attractive Design and unlimited sale order
  • Provide a wide array of attractive theme base options
  • Ease of use facility
  • Up-sell and cross-sell related products and create product bundles.
  • Manage all Magento stores from one admin panel.
  • Show unlimited product attributes — size, colour, style, and so on.



Broaden the market scope with Shopify. Shopify is one of the best-known sites in e-commerce. It allows you to create your own online store layout and sell your product in multiple locations such as the web, social media, the online marketplace and smartphone.

Choosing the correct platforms determines the establishment’s rate of success. It’s one of the best sites for entrepreneurs to start their business. Choosing the right Shopify app development company provides numerous advantages.

  • Over 270,000 merchants use it.
  • Unlimited products in a store.
  • Unlimited orders and sales.
  • The platform offers its own app shop, with both free and paid apps available.
  • Dozens of premium themes are available to customize the look of your store.WooCommerce WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce application that is open source. It started in 2011 and has since become one of the best options for all small and big business since then. It lets you sell your products and services via the WordPress website.

    With Woocommerce, one can sell both physical and digital products while managing the inventory as a whole. This leads to secure payments and automatically takes care of the taxes. The built-in analytical system has lucrative features and helps offer multiple growth opportunities to Startups.

    • Nearly 2,000,000 sites use it.
    • The software itself is completely free.
    • The domain name and hosting not included. Additional investment is required.
    • Unlimited products in your store.
    • Unlimited orders and sales.
    • A lot of extensions available (both free and premium).
    • There are dozens of premium and free themes that allow you to tweak your store’s Design.